Lightweight Portable
Safety Breathing Apparatus


According to the National Highway and Transportation Administration, approximately 400 people die every year in the U.S. from drowning in their vehicles. According to the Canadian Red Cross about 0.49% for every 100,000 persons living in Canada.
One would have 30 seconds to a minute until the water rises to the bottom of the passenger windows. After which, the water pressure will force the window against the door frame, making it essentially impossible to roll down.

O Mask is the first waterproof and airtight apparatus in the world to supply oxygen to individuals in an emergency situation.

It is our objective to have O Mask standard in all vehicles by 2016, just as you would an air bag. Because the sole purpose of this product is to save precious lives.

O Mask offers two types of life saving products and is currently in its R & D phase. We are also in talks with car manufacturers of various countries and governments bodies to help make this product available to the general public as "standard equipment" and available where ever there is a need for fire extinguishers.

Just as every start-up, we are looking for investors and are offering licensing rights to interested parties. Please Contact